Tenant Management

Need Tenant Management Services?

    Tenants Take Time and Energy

    Once you’ve signed a tenant to a new lease, the work isn’t over. Tenants require ongoing attention and management in order to keep them happy and uphold your end of the lease as property owner.

    You need to make sure tenants properly understand the terms of their lease and property details, collect rent each month, keep them informed of any changes to policy or the property, perform inspections, process tenant complaints, and go through the eviction process when circumstances call for it. It’s a lot to handle!


    Why Hire a Tenant Management Company?

    At Joseph Thomas, we’re here to make property ownership easier and more rewarding for you.

    Let our team handle all of the tenant management needs for your Utah rental property. Our team has years of experience managing tenants for our clients, along with the tenants that live in our own rental properties.

    In short, hiring a management company like Joseph Thomas allows you to make sure every tenant receives consistent, professional service according to their day-to-day needs without you having to get caught up in the minutiae. We are an extension of you, 24/7.

    Our Tenant Management Services in Utah

    Here are some of the main tenant management services that Utah property owners partner with us for:


    Tenant Communication

    Sometimes, tenants voice complaints. Joseph Thomas receives all of those and handles them on your behalf. You’ll only need to deal with complaints that our team cannot address without you.

    Our team also manages all tenant communication regarding changes in policy, upcoming events or scheduled maintenance, seasonal messages, or anything else that tenants need to know.


    Rent Collection

    We utilize an online portal for rent collection, which is the preferred method for most property owners and their tenants.

    Our team monitors payment activity and follows up on any late or missing payments. You’ll receive a report on rental income and any issues that need your attention.


    Move In / Move Out

    Tenants often have questions when it is time to move in our move out, and these processes need to be efficient in order to optimize your rental income.

    Our team at Joseph Thomas takes care of these tenant needs so you don’t have to. This is especially helpful when you own large multifamily property with lots of units.


    Notices and Evictions

    With our robust tenant screening services, our clients usually have high-quality tenants that pay on time and don’t cause problems. But when the need for eviction does arise, our team takes care of the whole process.

    This is one of the services that property owners are perhaps most eager to hand off to us. We manage the process professionally and compassionately as your representative.


    Security Deposit Collection and Refunding

    We process and record security deposits for each tenant lease, along with any amount that is retained to cover damages or other approved usages as outlined in your lease agreement.


    Pet and Emotional Support Animal Management

    We are up to date on current Utah law regarding Emotional Support and Service Animals. We will process ESA letters and tenant communication regarding these matters when they arise, in coordination with you as property owner.

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