Property Maintenance Service in Utah

No matter the investment property, there will always be a need for maintenance and upkeep.

At Joseph Thomas, we help real estate investing be a joy instead of a headache by providing professional property maintenance service in Utah.

Interested in Property Maintenance Services?


    What is Property Maintenance?

    Property maintenance includes all the necessary repairs and upkeep required to keep your rental property up to livability standards and safe.

    When something that is part of the property (not tenant property) breaks or needs replacing, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to make the repair or switch out the item. And don’t forget about smoke detectors, air filters, and other maintenance needs.

    Some aspects of property maintenance can be the responsibility of the tenant, if stipulated in the lease agreement, but most maintenance needs are the landlord’s responsibility.

    The maintenance of property is never convenient. Some emergency repairs are required in the middle of the night, on holidays, weekends, etc. Instead of taking care of it themselves, Joseph Thomas clients in Utah can rely on our dedicated team to be the ones who take the call and get the job done for you.

    Property Maintenance vs. Property Management

    Property maintenance is one specific category of property management.

    Under the large umbrella of property management, which involves all aspects of managing the function and profitability of a piece of investment property, property maintenance refers specifically to the handling of all repairs, upkeep, and cleaning of investment property to ensure livability and function.

    Keep in mind that repairs are different from capital improvements.


    Do You Need a Property Maintenance Company?

    While some property investors with a small portfolio of investment properties may choose to address property maintenance needs on their own, most investors rely on the services of a maintenance company partner like Joseph Thomas.

    Partnering with a property maintenance company means benefitting from the knowledge, equipment, personnel, and round-the-clock schedule of a dedicated team who can take care of your property.

    All-in-One Management Service with Joseph Thomas

    Joseph Thomas offers property maintenance services in Utah as part of a holistic and proactive property management partnership. We manage both residential and commercial properties. Clients may choose to only utilize some of our services, but many rely on our team as an all-in-one solution. We serve you according to your needs.

    Our Maintenance Process for Utah Properties

    Our maintenance team has experience across all aspects of property upkeep and management. Joseph Thomas maintenance service agreements may include functions such as:

    • General repair
    • Appliance upkeep and replacement Inspections
    • Mold removal
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Etc.