Proactive Property Management Service

Joseph Thomas offers proactive property management services for rental property owners in Utah.

Interested in Proactive Property Management Services?

    What Is Proactive Property Management?

    Proactive property management is what we call our efforts at Joseph Thomas to go above and beyond the basic needs of property owners and their tenants.

    As opposed to reactive property management, in which property managers only act when a need arises or a special request is made of them, our team is always on the lookout for opportunities to better serve you and your tenants.

    We believe being proactive about our management service makes for happier tenants and more successful relationships with our client partners.


    How We Manage Utah Properties Proactively

    Here are some of the ways that we try to provide extra value for Utah property owners and their tenants:


    Move In / Welcome Gifts for Tenants

    Working with the Joseph Thomas team automatically gets your property listed on our website for new tenants to find. We maintain a current list of available rental properties that potential tenants can filter by a variety of different criteria.


    Special Inspections

    Besides listing client properties on our own website, we also help create listings on other high-traffic websites that are dedicated to connecting renters with available property. Through our online software, we can also boost those third-party listings in order to collect premium leads.

    Renewal Inspections

    One type of inspection we perform routinely for our property owners are renewal inspections when a tenant’s lease is about to end. Renewal inspections allow us to provide information on the status of the property and the tenants living there to help the property owner decide whether or not they want to renew the tenant's lease.


    Proactive Communication with You

    As a team of rental property owners ourselves, with years of experience in Utah markets, we want to make sure our clients are informed of any insight, risk, opportunity, or observation that might be of value.

    Our goal is to not only fulfill your management needs, but also to help you take your real estate investing where you want it to go for the long term!

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