Advertising Rental Property Service

Joseph Thomas offers services to support the advertising and promotion of Utah rental property owned by our clients.

Interested in Property Advertising Services?

    The Need to Advertise Your Property

    There is a lot of rental property in Utah and, fortunately, there is also a high demand. You need to make sure potential renters find your listings in their search for a place to live.

    We help our clients promote their available rentals in order to get the right kind of tenants for their strategy.


    Our Rental Property Advertising Services

    Here are some of the ways we help our clients advertise their Utah rental properties:


    Website Features

    Working with the Joseph Thomas team automatically gets your property listed on our website for new tenants to find. We maintain a current list of available rental properties that potential tenants can filter by a variety of different criteria.


    High-Traffic Listings on Other Websites

    Besides listing client properties on our own website, we also help create listings on other high-traffic websites that are dedicated to connecting renters with available property. Through our online software, we can also boost those third-party listings in order to collect premium leads.



    We can help in the collection of property photography that will be used to showcase your listings on our website and across other marketing channels.


    Strategic Guidance

    As a team of property owners ourselves with years of experience in the Utah market, we also offer the insight and strategy recommendations that we think you’ll find useful in advertising your rental property. There are a variety of other advertising channels that might be of value for you to utilize. We’re happy to provide recommendations!

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