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Did you know that from 2017-2018 Orem was part of the 10th fastest growing metro area in the nation?

Property of all types is a hot market here! Our team at Joseph Thomas has lived and successfully managed in this area for years, and we want to share our expertise with you. Property owners looking for property management service in Orem come to Joseph Thomas because we don't just manage property—we own property as well. We approach the management of each space as individuals who have experienced first hand the challenges and unique factors of the Orem property market.

Whether you own single family, multifamily, commercial or office space property in Orem, our professional streamlining services are ready for you. Let Joseph Thomas help you maximize your property ownership experience.

Residential Property Management in Orem

Multifamily Property

Orem is especially loaded with multifamily property. Utah Valley University is right here in Orem, with Brigham Young University just down the road. College students make up a huge demographic in Orem in addition to all the non-student renters.

Our team at Joseph Thomas has been watching the market closely for years as we've managed both client property as well as our own. To put it simply, Orem is a good place to own rental property if you manage it well!

Mutifamily Management - Orem

Single Family Property

In addition to multifamily property, we also own and manage single family rental property in Orem.

Unlike multifamily units, single family property doesn't have as much turnover. This means it's even more important to the get good renters and have a good property management system in place. The Joseph Thomas team knows how to find and screen tenants, keep them happy, and make sure your investment property is set up for financial success. We've been doing it for years now!

Single-Family Management - Orem

Orem Commercial Property

We know that managing commercial property can be a unique challenge. No property owner likes their space to be sitting vacant, but it's important to avoid making bad decisions in a desperate attempt to secure a tenant.

Our team at Joseph Thomas serves with the perspective of a commercial property owner because we do own some ourselves! We lease some of our own space to local businesses. We know how to keep things simple and profitable.

We know that leases must be smart for the owner in order for it to be worth welcoming a commercial tenant. Due to our experience as both business owners as well as property managers, we can expertly handle your Orem property management to benefit both you as the owner as well as keeping your renters happy.


Let us show you why our experience can help you succeed.

Commercial Property Management - Orem


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