Commercial Property Management in Utah

Commercial Property Management is a great investment to make in Utah, if you do it right.

Most property owners are careful about making sure they find commercial space in a great location. That's an important first step. But it takes hard work and smart management to find good renters, keep up with the market and ensure your commercial property stays profitable for you.

Joseph Thomas has owned and managed commercial property in Utah for years, and our business is dedicated to helping your property investment be a blessing, not a burden.

Get in touch with our team of Utah pros to learn how Joseph Thomas property management can take care of anything from tenant screening and rent collection to maintenance and marketing.

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Commercial Property Types We Manage in Utah

  • Office Space
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Mixed Use

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    Commercial Property Services


    Tenant Screening

    Our team at Joseph Thomas takes care of those management tasks that take time and energy that property owners can better spend elsewhere. Screening tenants is one of those tasks. It's important to do right!

    Commercial and retail property tenants require different screening than residential tenants. Not only do you want to make sure they'll treat your space well, but you also want to have confidence that the businesses operating out of your space are going to succeed and stick around for awhile.

    With our tenant screening services, we'll make sure you get good renters that you won't need to worry about. It's the same care and attention we take for renting our own commercial properties.


    With Joseph Thomas, leasing is a breeze. Our team uses the most modern, paperless systems for receiving applications, collecting deposits, and even remote signature. We strive to keep things as efficient as possible for both you and your commercial tenants.

    We'll keep you updated on your Utah commercial properties so you always know how things are looking when it comes to your leasing contracts, payments received, and future payments for your Utah commercial property.

    Delinquency Management / Evictions

    Although tenant screening and property management service with Joseph Thomas almost always results in positive relationships and profitable investments, unfortunately there are the occasional delinquent tenants. Our team also manages these tricky situations to take some stress off your plate and improve the situation.

    We promise to treat all of your renters with respect, as you would. Joseph Thomas team members coordinate with property owners to schedule and facilitate official notices and evictions if they become necessary.

    Deposit and Rent Collection

    It's satisfying to actually your commercial property investment pay off! As with our other management services, Joseph Thomas takes advantage of the most efficient leading-edge technology to collect and organize deposit and rent collection for all of our managed properties. As the owner, you get to see the reports and watch those payments come in!

    It's important to have a good plan for the payments coming in, as well as be continually working to optimize profitability within a shifting Utah real estate market. Property owners can also benefit from Joseph Thomas revenue optimization services. We strive to go the extra mile in helping our commercial property partners thrive.

    Property Maintenance

    You don't need to worry about getting your hands dirty. Property repairs and maintenance services are also included with Joseph Thomas management.

    While all maintenance is important, such issues can be especially urgent when it comes to commercial property, where tenants are running their businesses. Our team will make sure maintenance needs are met in a time and professional manner.

    Property Promotion

    In order to be a successful property owner, you need people to be interested in your property!

    As a Joseph Thomas client, your commercial property will join our other featured units throughout Utah that we help promote. Fortunately, Utah is a state where property of all types is in relatively high-demand. But that means you'll need to work in order to get your space in front of the best renters.

    We can help!

    Proactive Management

    As professional property managers, we really consider our clients partners in optimizing commercial property investments in Utah. Our commitment is to not only respond to your needs and request, but to also communicate with you on opportunities and proactive steps that we believe will help you be successful and sleep better at night.

    As Utah property owners ourselves, it's what we would want done for us. We've got your back.

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